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The Fahrende Raum is a room made of wood with a curved roof. Two sides of the room can be unfolded so that the room opens to the outside (and you can run through). Every summer it is set up in a green space or park in a different part of Munich. First it was in Freimann, then in Neuperlach and in 2023 in Moosach.

Fine material and rough work equipment are stored in two construction site containers. In addition to all these objects, invited artists are on site and a team, also artists. Together with them, children, young people and adults can realize artistic actions free of charge and without registration in so-called Aktionsräumen.
Initiated and conceived by the artist Maximiliane Baumgartner, influenced by the action pedagogy of the KEKS group, among others, the project initially began in 2015 in a former supermarket in Freimann. Together with Jochen Weber (Hamburg), Maximiliane Baumgartner then designed and realized the mobile artistic architecture, in which art educators, artists and art mediators - from Munich and elsewhere - create spaces and occasions for collaborative artistic research and action together with the participants on site. You can also find more information here: https://archiv.fahrender-raum.de/

The artistic director since 2022 is Sophia Köhler.

The following artists are also taking part: Alicia Fackler, Chalo Schwaiger, Nicola Bizzarri, Tanja Hamester, Christine Gärtner.


Opening hours
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 16 - 19.30 PM
All programmes are free and without registration
Groups of eight or more children please register at info@fahrender-raum.de or 089/341676

In the green space Am Hartmannshofer Bächl in Moosach, Munich
Entrance at the corner of Allacher / Untermenzinger Straße
Or Dillinger Str
Next to the table tennis tables

U3 Moosach
Bus 162 163 164 165 Station Untermenzinger Straße
Bus 169 Station Dillinger Straße

Saison 2024


After 8 years of concept and 6 years of architecture, Der Fahrende Raum 2024 is examining itself.

Together with former participants and contributors, actors, friends and experts, we are searching for clues, questioning and researching the project from various angles.

What has happened so far?
What remains?
How is it documented and archived?

This means that the architecture will not be set up on an urban green space in 2024.
Instead, there will be a mobile workshop at Hartmannshofer Bächl in Moosach, where we will be working on a design for the future program and researching the current project. This workshop is called STUDIO DER FAHRENDE RAUM.


Studio DFR will operate during the summer of 2024.
A gentian blue container stands on Hartmannshofer Bächl in Moosach and houses Studio DFR.
It is a workshop, detective agency, studio, research center, architecture office, interview location and carpentry shop.
Studio DFR employees are residents, planners, carpenters, playground experts, artists and archivists.
There are no recruitment criteria: anyone who wants to can take part.

They think about what a space in which children, young people and adults make art together can and must look like.
Does it need a ceiling?
Can the walls be purple and apple green?
Is there an attic?
Does it have a built-in ice machine?
And what was it like in the Traveling Room last year?

The DFR studio is happy to welcome new employees of all ages
(recommended from 8 years).
Participation is free and no registration is required.
If you would like to come as a group, please let us know in advance at info@fahrender-raum.de

Open from May 3, 2024
Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 4 - 7.30 pm
In the green corridor at Hartmannshofer Bächl, 80997 Munich Moosach

How is it documented and archived?


In 2024, the project will be at the following location

In the green space Am Hartmannshofer Bächl in Moosach, Munich
At the level of Lauinger Str. 15
Next to the table tennis tables
Entrance on the corner of Allacher / Untermenzinger Straße
Or Dillinger Str

How to get there
U 3 Moosach
Bus 162 163 164 165 Bus stop Untermenzinger Straße
Bus 169 stop Dillinger Straße



We open on Friday, May 3, 2024.
From then on, we will be open every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4 to 7.30 pm.
The last day of the studio is Friday, July 12, 2024.


Release of the 2023 publication
on Friday, May 17 at 6 pm!
at the Hartmannshofer Bächl, Moosach

newsletter & publications

Newsletter and Publications

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The Fahrende Raum publishes a publication every year.
You can view past publications here:
Archive "Flugschrift online"

The Flugschrift No. 7 (2022) is available on request. Please send an email to info@fahrender-raum.de

You can browse through the archives of our past programmes here:
2015 - 2019
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about AiR

about AiR

The abbreviation AiR stands for Artist-in-Residence and is the title for people who are invited to a so-called residency.
Der Fahrende Raum has been inviting artists and art educators to Munich ever since.
During a symposium, we would like to think about residency programs with an art education focus together with invited guests.